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​Anna DaCruz

Canaries & Finches​

Sandra Gregory-Foote

Max Gregory

Norwich, Glosters & Colorbred Canaries

Paula Hansen

Red Siskins, Society Finches & Gouldians

Will Hoffmann

Colorbred & Gloster Canaries

Nancy Ingram

Strawberry Finches & Goldbreasted Waxbills​

Ellen Kerbs

Gloster Canaries & Zebra Finches

Darrell & Theresa Michels

Bourke's Parakeets & Society Finches

Sharon  McCadam, FirAcres Canaries

Fifes, Colorbred Canaries, Gouldian, Zebra, Society Finches, Exhibition Budgies

Ivan Montes

Specializing in Society Finches
(European, Japanese, and American)

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Jose Palafox

Colorbred & Columbus Fancy Canaries

Nancy & Steve Pickert

Gloster & Colorbred Canaries

Lori Thompson Wilkinson

Gouldian & Society Finches

Bourke's Parakeets & Scarlet Chested Grasskeets

Maymelle Wong

ND Frills & Lizard Canaries

Bill Zinke

Columbus Fancy Canaries

Dan Pitney

Border & Fife Canaries, Gouldians, Stars, Owls, Red Headed Parrot Finches, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Tourquoisines

Kelly Beaty
Gouldian and Owl Finches

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