Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are held at the Milwaukie Grange Hall, located at 12015 SE 22nd Avenue, Milwaukie, OR, on the second Sunday of most months.  Board meetings start at 1:00pm.  General meetings start at 2:00pm.  These meetings, as well as additional club events are included in the Event Calendar below.

Event Calendar

CLICK ON AN EVENT BELOW to see the location and a detailed description, if available.

update 4-1-2020

The Next Meeting of the Columbia Canary Club will be held on


Sunday, April 11, 2021 via ZOOM Meeting.  Board Meeting 1 p.m.  Show Committee 1:30 p.m. followed by Membership and Guests Meeting - 2 p.m.


If you are not a member of CCC, please fill out our online membership application (which includes a monthly emailed newsletter) and instruction of how to join our Zoom CCC Meeting will be sent to you as a member. 


Guest attendance is encouraged for the Membership Meeting, 2 p.m. --so please contact us of your interest in attending and learning more about the Columbia Canary Club. >>

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It is said that April showers bring May Flowers.  That must be why we have so much rain.  April may bring us some more baby birds, also.  That would mean that we are making egg food.  There are many good recipes in past newsletters, from experienced breeders of online.

Speaking of on line, have you checked out YOU TUBE:  TheCanaryRoom-Season 1-4.  I watched season 3, episodes 19 and 10.  The first was a trip to Keith Ferry's bird room with information on raising Norwich.  It was very helpful.  There were episodes on feeding your babies.  You can find information on almost every subject of raising our birds.

As members are getting their Covid shots we should be able to start thinking about a time soon to be able to meet in person.

Our hotel for the November 6th and 7th have been confirmed.  You may make reservations at any time at the Holiday Inn Salem, by calling 503 370-7835.  By calling direct, the rate includes breakfast.  Register as a member of the Columbia Canary Club.

As a reminder, we will meet one week earlier in May, on Sunday, May 2, 2021.