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Headquartered in the Portland-Vancouver area, the Columbia Canary Club is a regional organization dedicated to the hobby of keeping and breeding canaries and other birds. Emphasis is placed on the dissemination of information for the care, feeding, breeding and exhibition of birds and offering support to bird fanciers.

The Columbia Canary Club was founded in January 1953 and was originally called the Colorbred Bird Club.  In 1954 the First Annual Show was presented with over 150 entries.  The Annual Canary and Finch Show continues to be the highlight every year.

Meetings are held monthly and often involve educational topics. Past meetings have featured visits from veterinarians as well as demonstrations on subjects such as breeding, banding, nutrition, housing, grooming and preparing for bird shows. A lot of snacking and socializing usually occurs as well!

We look forward to having you join us!

July 03, 2020


July brings the “summer snow” in our bird rooms. I'm sure if your aviary is like ours the feathers are flying, and your birds are quiet and looking somewhat rough. Soon, though, they will look sleek and beautiful and be in full song again.


Kris Rigdon has been continuing her attempt to secure a park reservation for our annual club picnic.  Because of the corona virus, reservations still aren't being taken.  While our club could meet at the park on our own, no services (including restrooms) would be available.  So, once again this month, our club will not be meeting.  Some thought is being given to an August picnic instead of meeting at the Grange but the board has not made a decision yet.  It is all dependent on the Covid19 situation improving and the state mandated guidelines at that time.


Beth Murphy is working on securing our location for the November sale which will replace our annual show this year.  In talking to her, she hopes to have information to print elsewhere in this newsletter in that regard. That too, is totally dependent on state restrictions in place at that time due to the Covid19.


This certainly has been a different and difficult year for our club.  I miss seeing everyone and being able to “talk birds” and just plain visit. I hope you have been able to do that project around your house you've just never had the time do.


Looking forward to when we can again spend time together.



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