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Headquartered in the Portland-Vancouver area, the Columbia Canary Club is a regional organization dedicated to the hobby of keeping and breeding canaries and other birds. Emphasis is placed on the dissemination of information for the care, feeding, breeding and exhibition of birds and offering support to bird fanciers.

The Columbia Canary Club was founded in January 1953 and was originally called the Colorbred Bird Club.  In 1954 the First Annual Show was presented with over 150 entries.  The Annual Canary and Finch Show continues to be the highlight every year.

Meetings are held monthly and often involve educational topics. Past meetings have featured visits from veterinarians as well as demonstrations on subjects such as breeding, banding, nutrition, housing, grooming and preparing for bird shows. A lot of snacking and socializing usually occurs as well!

We look forward to having you join us!

July 31, 2020



One of my friends recently posted the following message posted on Facebook:  “Let’s just sling some candy out the door, toss a turkey in the oven, open a few presents and call it a year!”  I understand how they feel.  All that optimism we had as we celebrated the beginning of 2020 seems to have dissipated into a desire for it to end.  Once again, with great disappointment, I must tell you that we will not be conducting an August meeting.  We will wait to see what September and October bring.  We remain very hopeful that things will be different by November and, while our 51st annual show has been canceled, a successful bird sale will occur.


In my bird room the feathers are still falling, but to a lesser extent with each passing day as the molting season begins to come to a close.  I hope that you have had a successful breeding season with your birds.  We cut back considerably this year but still raised some fine canaries.  And our Bourkes are still hatching youngsters as I write this.


I look forward to the warm summer days of August and the beginning of fall.  But, even more, I look forward to seeing all of you at our first opportunity to meet together again.  Until then, stay safe and stay well.



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