We are Transitioning to Autumn -- Our Hopes are you are Staying Safe as our Western States are suffering from the Devastating Fires and Resulting Smoke and Destruction of our Beautiful Environment.

September 11, 2020



Dear Members,


Due to the very poor air quality as a result of wild fires in various areas, I have had to make the difficult decision to cancel our September meeting.  Some of our members have conditions that might be aggravated through exposure to the smoke.  Some of our members are dealing with evacuation orders in the areas where their homes are located.  Hopefully next month cooling fall rains will resolve many of these issues for us.  Please communicate this cancellation information to your friends in the club.

    In the meantime, we still do not have any members who have stepped up to be the President of the club or the Show Chairman.  If you have any desire to run for these offices, or any other offices, please contact Beth Murphy or Maymelle Wong right away and let them know.  We vote in October, and we really need to have more of our members participate in club offices.


Everyone take care and stay safe.  Hopefully we will see one another next month!




We are finally going to do it! We are having a meeting on Sept. 13 The board meeting will begin at 1:00 and the general meeting will commence at 2:00.  The Grange where we usually meet is still not open and won't be until Clackamas County is in Phase 2.  Because of this, we will meet at Fisher Basin Park in Camas, WA.  There is lots of room for us to maintain social distancing, restrooms are open, and there is shade.  It will be necessary for everyone to bring their own folding chair.  There will be no refreshments so if you want something, you must bring your own. (No sharing, please.) We encourage everyone to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth.   Directions to the park can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.


Please try and attend this meeting.  It's been 6 months and we have much to discuss.


Our nominating committee has been busy calling people to see who might want to run for our offices this next year.  A few people have volunteered but we still have some important offices that do not have candidates.  If you would consider serving in some position and want to have a part in directing the club, please step forward and say you'll help.  Call either Maymelle or Beth.  Their numbers are listed on the front page of the club directory.   THE CLUB NEEDS YOU!!!


REALLY looking forward to spending Sunday afternoon with you!



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Headquartered in the Portland-Vancouver area, the Columbia Canary Club is a regional organization dedicated to the hobby of keeping and breeding canaries and other birds. Emphasis is placed on the dissemination of information for the care, feeding, breeding and exhibition of birds and offering support to bird fanciers.

The Columbia Canary Club was founded in January 1953 and was originally called the Colorbred Bird Club.  In 1954 the First Annual Show was presented with over 150 entries.  The Annual Canary and Finch Show continues to be the highlight every year.

Meetings are held monthly and often involve educational topics. Past meetings have featured visits from veterinarians as well as demonstrations on subjects such as breeding, banding, nutrition, housing, grooming and preparing for bird shows. A lot of snacking and socializing usually occurs as well!

We look forward to having you join us!

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